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Post by TDANZA420 on Wed May 21, 2008 2:45 pm

1) Draft Derrick Rose!!!!

2A)Find a taker for Kirt Hinrich - Try to move Hinrich and Deng to Miami in a sign and trade for Shawn Marion and other....maybe Udonles Hasslem (opening a spot for Miami to select Beasly or option to trade pic) Miami could go with Hinrich - Wade - Deng and work from there)

2B)Hinrich and Deng to Denver for Melo (camby/Nene/Other). Denver needs a PG and could replace Melo with Deng. AI still has control of team and they add a PG and Deng.

3)Trade Gordon and Thomas for Michael Redd. Redd maybe older but still has alot of miles left and when hot can light it up with the best of them. MIL will be replacing Redd with Gordon (still have a good shooter) and adding Thomas to go with Charlie V - Bogurt and Yi.

Bulls start season with a roster that looks like :

PG - Rose
SG - Redd
SF - Marion/Melo*
PF - Gooden
C - Noah

Udonles Hasslem /free agent/rookie
(*Depending on if trades work will decide starters and Bench* - If trade with Denver works Camby at C and Noah at PF with Gooden off bench)

Still lack the inside guy but adding Beasly leaves you without a PG and maybe looking at another season of what if's

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